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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Staff friendliness, Auburn merchandise in store, and pharmacy location"

"Personal service"

"The fast, friendly, and reliable service. Every staff member is incredibly personable. You are never just a number."

"Local community business; friendly"

"Very friendly staff, convenient location, Auburn merchandise!"

"It's close with a drive through."

"The friendliness of everyone and the fast service."

"Personal attention"

"The personal touch they give to their customers, and no wait time for refills or new prescriptions."

"The people - they don't treat you like a number. Knows you by name, and cares. Great about answering any questions."

"Friendly atmosphere"


"Beatles music is always playing"

"Hometown feel"

"Hometown feeling, and always treats you as a person, not a number."

"Staff is awesome! Y'all always do your best to help everyone who comes to you. Y'all are a blessing to my family!"

"Pharmacists are knowledgeable and keep me informed of interactions between medications. The whole staff seems to care about every client and patient."

"Hometown people with hometown values"

"You do things the right way. You don't constantly have to be reminded which insurance is primary. If there is a problem with a prescription, you take care of it."


"The friendly, courteous yet professional, personal service I receive."

"EVERYTHING!! I love the "down-home" feeling you get when you walk through the door."


"Family atmosphere, and that all of the staff know the customers. They are always willing to help get you the proper medication, and they consistently provide excellent service."

"All of the friendly staff."

"The people that work there."

"Family owned"

"The people!"

"It's like we're neighbors when I go there!"

"Love their attitude! Makes you feel like family. Always pleasant."

"It's close and there is a drive through window. I like your app. "

"It's close with good prices & neighborhood friends."

"Personal service with professional character."

"Good people"

"Family atmosphere and locally owned. They know me and my family."

"Local family feel"

"Friendliness, and the helpful nature of all the employees."

"Best pharmacy in town!"

"Fast delivery"

"The owner, Steve Jackson, is the best pharmacy owner, period."



"It's a long-standing, respected, small business where we are recognized. Steve, and others, are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful."

"They treat the client in a warm, yet professional, way that is greatly appreciated. They show sincere interest in the client as a person, instead of a medical number, which establishes trust in them, which is greatly reassuring to the client."

"The people"

"Your level of professionalism is what I value the most."


"Professional and friendly staff. Location."

"I can ask questions and actually get an answer; always makes me feel like a friend, not just a customer; goes over the top to help!!!"

"Small and locally owned. Displays genuine care for customers and takes the time to know them. Offers advice and help."

"The employees; ease of getting refills; neighborhood pharmacy feeling"

"Courtesy, precision, and people skills"

"The friendly staff"

"Fast, friendly service. Everyone is very nice and helpful."

"The people!! - Always willing to help us in whatever way we need!!"

"All the employees are friendly and professional."

"Staff and location"

"Local ownership; knows me"

"Local, incredibly friendly, very efficient!"

"Staff is friendly, & location"

"Personal service"

"I take several medications and I know I can trust the pharmacists to fill them accurately and give me any info I may need about the Rxs."

"When I call, I can talk to the pharmacist, or an associate, immediately. The pharmacist, or associate, tries hard to answer all questions about, and resolve all issues with, my medications."

"The people!"

"You know my name and treat me like a person, not a number! I wish I could have ALL my scripts filled at Jackson-Pace Pharmacy!! Love going in and seeing the new items in the store. You are the BEST pharmacy ever!!!"

"Always great service, and their knowledge"

"I have been using Pace for many years; they are the best!"


"The personal touch and professionalism of the staff."

"Fast, friendly, and professional!!!"

"It's independent. The employees learn who you are. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SPEAK TO THE OWNER, and he's nice. Their prices will beat Walgreens'. "

"EVERYTHING !! They have become like family. If I ask advice, it is given fast! I know I will get my meds when I need them. VERY VERY DEPENDABLE !!"

"Steve and the personalized service"

"Great people who will help with any of your needs!"

"Caring, professional, friendly"

"We are new to the pharmacy, yet we feel like family."

"Steve Jackson"


"Family owned and operated; friendly; everybody knows who you are!"

"The people!!!"

"Fast, friendly, efficient"

"Small-town feel. I like that they know who we are when we walk through the door. I know I can trust the pharmacist."

"Everyone is real nice and friendly."

"How the employees are so considerate and friendly."

"I love this pharmacy!"

"Love the environment!! Everyone is great."

"The employees"

"The customer service"

"Processes prescriptions efficiently and on time."

"Local and friendly"


"Local people who know me."

"Everyone treats the client with kindness and respect. They always take time to listen and offer the help that's specifically needed."

"I love the fantastic service and caring attitude. I am a person and not just a nameless customer. The speed is also excellent."

"The personal feel and concern. I am not just a number there."

"The excellent quality care that one receives."

"I like the friendly atmosphere and how quickly prescriptions can be picked up."

"So fast and close by"

"They always call me by my name, they know my meds, and always look out for and explain any changes that might adversely affect me."

"Friendly atmosphere, and everyone there is always available to help and answer questions."

"#1 - THE PEOPLE!!!! #2 - They deliver! #3 - They ALL go out of their way to help if you need anything. VERY FRIENDLY!! "

"Everyone knows you by name, and what great smiles they have."

"Friendly and fast service with a smile!"

"You care about your customers and do everything you can to help them."

"Local, family-friendly, and personal"

"All of the above, and the fact that you are a small business. We have known Steve since he started working with Mr. Pace back at the original location, and actually trust him more than the doctors who prescribe the medication."

"The people"

"Friendly staff & and has no problems answering questions"

"Locally owned, and they know me and my family by name."

"Fast, and INCREDIBLY friendly, helpful service!!!!"

"Convenience, and the friendly employees who go out of their way to help customers."

"GREAT service!"

"So friendly and caring, and they know my name when I walk in."

"Everything - I have not a bad comment to say."

"Neighborhood friendly; feel like a person instead of just a refill number"

"Feels like family"


"Very efficient"

"They know me when I walk in."

"Personal, yet professional, treatment by every staff member. Praising God for this special place. Reminds me of the days before the 'big box' stores took over."

"Always responsive to questions or if you need information."



"Personal attention - I like that they know who I am."

"It's personal and family owned."

"Love everyone!! They all care!!"

"Family owned. They know me when I walk in. Very comfortable setting!!"

"Fast and friendly. Everyone seems to care."

You can help Jackson-Pace Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!